I had the great opportunity to attend a big cruising conference in mid-April called Cruise 360. I had an amazing time and learned a ton. Held in one of the top cruising port areas in the US, Ft. Lauderdale, Cruise 360 is a leader in cruise education for the travel and tourism industry. Hosted by CLIA the Cruise Line International Association, I’m glad to be a card carrying member.

The convention was an inside trek into the cruising industry. All of the agents in attendance gained extensive knowledge on the many cruise lines that port at all US destinations and abroad.

So, what does this mean for you!

Well booking with Just Ask Kiky means you are get a full-service cruise vacation.If you have never been cruising or never considered a pre or post cruise stay, I have got you covered. 


Cruising has all types of benefits, one of the main ones being that all of your food and most activities are included in one price. The best thing about these ships is that they are cities at sea. There are unlimited activities and places to eat on the ship that is all included in the price.


It’s pretty much an all-inclusive experience. Depending on the ship you chose to cruise on, you may be able to include soft drinks and alcohol.

And it’s not just burgers and fries, when I say food I mean every kind of food you can think of, good quality food. There are bars, fancy restaurants and extravagant burger joints and bakeries. You name it, it’s available.


What can you do on a cruise ship? The better question is “What can’t you do?”! I had the chance to tour some of the ships in the Miami port and they had so many activities to choose from. Surfing, ziplining, rock climbing, Broadway shows, one ship even has an ice skating rink. These are just a few of the activities to choose from. Disney cruises allow you to see first run movies and if the movie is coming out close to the cruise ship sailing you may get a chance to see it before it hits theaters. 


The first step is to call Just Ask Kiky (317-824-9075) so we can talk options. There are so many cruise lines to choose from nowadays. There is something out there for every travel type.  I prep all my clients for what to expect and how to be prepared for anything.


Cruising can be great, but anything can happen from bad weather to getting left behind at a port. Just Ask Kiky always recommends obtaining a passport to ensure being prepared for any possibility. Other forms of ID are acceptable to board but in case you have to fly out of another country for any reason, only a passport will allow you passage to where you need to be. I make sure you are full aware of the process so that you can make a sound decision. 


No one wants to have to deal with sickness on vacation. But sometimes it happens. Learning about options is key and primary when booking with Just Ask Kiky. The first step is to consult your medical professional for the best options. If needed you can obtain a prescribed source of relief or get the best recommendation for over the counter options.


Picking the best cruise can be a daunting task. Luckily, I learned how to navigate clients to their best options at the CLIA Cruise 360 conference. One of the best things about cruises is the chance to see several locations in one trip while getting an all-inclusive service. There is something for everyone and most every budget. 


            The best advice I could give when cruising is to at least book pre-cruise accommodations a day prior to your sail date. 


Let’s count down the reasons….

3. All of the fun things to do at your starting port. While at the convention, I got a chance to a few excursions:

2. Allow yourself to get some rest to get ready to travel. You can also grab a case of water to take on the ship with you. It’s so much cheaper on land than while on the ship.

And #1 reason…. So you won’t miss the boat! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed travelers miss their flight or a flight gets delayed. The ship will not wait for you. It’s always to be safe than sorry. 

I hope this blog post gets you thinking about your next cruise. When you’re ready to sail give me a call and Just Travel with #JustAskKiky! In the meantime enjoy some of my photos from Cruise 360 2018!