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Who we are

Just Ask Kiky is full service travel consulting LLC small business. We create extensive travel plans for individuals who want access to options that fit their interest to create the best possible travel experience.

Trip deposits and payments

For most bookings, Just Ask Kiky forwards your credit card number and/or other payment type to the chosen supplier(s) for processing/deposit. As a result, the supplier deposit, payment, cancellation, and refund policy/policies will be followed. The same process may be followed in the rare case when a particular supplier does not accept credit cards and requires to process your payment, then forward the funds to said supplier(s). When booking certain custom trips/arrangements/components and/or a dedicated Group program, you will (also) receive a “Trip-specificPolicy” on Payments, Cancellations & Refunds’ applicable to the particular trip or trip segment(s) listed on the form you receive. For such bookings/arrangements, the ‘Trip-specific Policy on Payments, Cancellations & Refunds’ will apply in addition to any and all other policies provided by suppliers, agencies, and —. If you have two policies for the same trip, the stricter policy will be in effect.

Passports, Visas and health requirements

Many countries require passports to be valid for 6 months beyond the date of travel. Please check that all passports are valid. Just Ask Kiky can assist in advising entry requirements, but it is the sole responsibility of the traveler to ensure that passports, travel documents and entry visas meet the conditions of the countries the traveler is visiting.

Passport information will be required to complete international and cruise travel. Please update passenger details exactly as it appears per your PASSPORT via the client portal.

Traveling with regulated medications/products

While CBD and other alternative supplements are/may be legal federally in the USA, some states have not passed local laws to match the federal status. We will review options for your destination to keep you within the confines of the local and federal laws.

Any substances regardless of use are subject to laws of location visiting. Such substances must be indicated on registration form to ensure that no violation would incur.

Agreement of Consent to Use of Personal Information

The customer agrees that by the use of Just Ask Kiky travel services for the booking of travel, certain personal information may be conveyed to third parties relevant and necessary to the transportation and accommodation of your travel. Just Ask Kiky travel shall not be responsible for the further use of said information by third parties by the customer.

Personal Information Included

The personal information is the private information of individuals such as birth dates, passport numbers, dates of travel, occupation, destination, preferences of accommodation and meals, occupations, health information,, frequent flyer and other membership ,bank accounts and credit cards and other payment methods or financial information necessary to secure travel.

The personal information to other persons

You agree that you have the legal right to share the provision of personal information, as described above, of other persons with whom you may be travelling and with whom you agree to provide Just Ask Kiky travel said information.  You will not hold Just Ask Kiky travel liable for the distribution of this information to necessary third party suppliers or the further sharing or use of this information by the third party supplier. – way or to the same extent as required by the Laws. Our liability for the failure of any such Foreign Supplier to protect your personal information is specifically excluded. If you have any concern about the disclosure of personal information to a Foreign Supplier you should advise us in writing well in advance of any travel reservation or other arrangement being made with or involving such Foreign Supplier on your behalf.

How long do we keep your personal information?

Your personal information is retained only so long as we need it to provide information, Travel Services and other services to you, and for a reasonable length of time thereafter in order to meet any Identified Purpose or other legal or business purpose.

Limitations on accuracy and updating of your information

Just Ask Kiky travel may update the personal information that we have on file for you. Just Ask Kiky travel shall not bear responsibility for any personal information that is inaccurate. You agree to supply updated personal information to Just Ask Kiky travel as necessary for booking procedures. Just Ask Kiky travel takes reasonable steps to protect your personal information; however, Just Ask Kiky travel is not responsible for any improper use of your personal information that is beyond our reasonable control. Just Ask Kiky travel’s  liability for the failure of any Foreign Supplier to protect your personal information is specifically excluded.


Unfortunately, there are always situations and factors that may arise to cause you to cancel your trip. Just Ask Kiky always recommends that you purchase Travel Insurance (even if it’s not through us) to safeguard your trip and secure your investment. Depending on the particular contract, there are usually fees and penalties involved with canceling. Just Ask Kiky will assess those fees/penalties according to the particular contract/trip that you are on when resolving your cancellation request.

Just Ask Kiky uses a Payment Schedule (“Layaway Plan”) to help facilitate the payments and expense of the trips. The Just Ask Kiky “Layaway” payment schedule(s) noted for each trip must be strictly followed in order to guarantee the package rates in effect when your deposit is made. Client agrees to be responsible for the layaway amount due at time of Cancellation. Failure to follow the established payment schedule may result in changes or increases to your package rate. Payment of deposit confirms your acceptance of this policy. All rates are effective today and subject to change until a deposit is received.



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